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Heist is a board game for your living room and is played with Chromecast. Team up and compete to see who's better, Cops, Robbers, or Bankers. In Heist, two or three teams compete to reveal their teams cards first. A Chromecast is the Game Board and the Captain provides a single word hint and how many cards that hint relates to on the Game Board. Teams then use the hint to uncover their cards before the other teams. Make sure you avoid other tHeist apk free for android, Heist mod apk, Heist play.mob.org cheats unlocked hack obb, Heist torrents , Heist unlimited, Heist apk+data eams cards and bombs or you may lose! APK Download
Play Heist with words or pictures for challenging fun with friends and family. Using your phone or tablet, start the game and connect to a Chromecast. Choose how many teams and bombs to play with and start having a blast. With over 750 random words and 520 pictures to play with, the fun never stops. Heist can be played a few times for free and requires a Chromecast.
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Heist  Download apk

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