Fake gps - fake location 3.609

Introducing Fake GPS - currently the bestlooking fake location app from all the fake location apps! Trick your phone into thinking that it is somewhere else. You canbe in Rome, London, New York or simply anywhere in the world. It’ssimple and great fun to trick people with. You can use the app topull a prank or show that you’re somewhere else as an excuse. It’sa simple idea with a lot of potential.Fake gps - fake location apk free for android, Fake gps - fake location mod apk, cheats unlocked hack obb, Fake gps - fake location torrents , Fake gps - fake location unlimited, Fake gps - fake location apk+data

important note:
Some games will suspend your account if you will try to fake thelocation.
If you have an issue in a certain game 'GPS not found' then youneed to disable the mock locations in the developer options.
How does it work?
1. First enable the developer settings on your device(on olderversions it is not needed).
To enable the developer settings go to settings > about phone> and click on the android version about 7 times.
2. in the developer options enable mock locations.
3. set your location to be 'device only'(use only gpslocation).
4. open the app, move the red dot anywhere you like and click onthe 'play button'.
5. To stop the fake gps location simply click on the pausebutton.
Download links
Fake gps - fake location Download apk
Fake gps - fake location Download apk
Fake gps - fake location Download apk

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