ROM Patcher 2.15

ROM Patcher is a ROM/binary file patcher that supports IPS, IPS32,UPS, BPS, PPF, XDELTA1, XDELTA3, DPS, ASM, XPC, DLDI, APS (both GBAand N64), and BSDIFF patch types. It also supports decompressingECM files via unecm. Simply choose a file to patch, the patchitself, and optionally an output file name and tap "Patch". Best ofall, the app is completely free with no limitations. Can be usedwith video game ROMs/ISOs (NOT for apps/F2P games) to add newlevels, translations, and more, or on any other files that a patchexists for. No ROMs, ISOs or patches are included. All requests forROMs and ISOs will be ignored. This app uses components fromMultiPatch for Mac which is licensed under GPL. The source isavailable if desired. This app is the first open source ROM patcherto support IPS32 patches.ROM Patcher apk free for android, ROM Patcher mod apk, cheats unlocked hack obb, ROM Patcher torrents , ROM Patcher unlimited, ROM Patcher apk+data
Recognized file extensions:
APS type patch: .aps
ASM type patch: .asm
BPS type patch: .bps
BSDIFF type patch: .bsdiff
DLDI type patch: .dldi
DPS type patch: .dps
ECM compressed file: .ecm
IPS type patch: .ips
IPS32 type patch: .ips
PPF type patch: .ppf
UPS type patch: .ups
XDELTA1 type patch: .xdelta, .patch
XDELTA3 type patch: .xdelta, .xdelta3, .vcdiff
XPC type patch: .xpc
Q: How do I hack ?
A: This app is not intended to modify apps, only ROMs or ISOs. Youcannot 'hack' CoC or Shadow Fight 2 unless you provide thepatch.
Q: Pokemon Glazed
A: Check the "Ignore checksum" checkbox
Q: I cannot install/update the app
A: This is an issue with Google Play of your device at the moment,not this app
Q: The patch doesn't work
A: Make sure the ROM is correct, untrimmed, and all files areunzipped/unrar'd/un7z'd
Q: The patched ROM doesn't work in _______
A: Contact the author of that app, not me. There is no guaranteethe patched ROM will work with any third party apps. ROM Patcheronly applies a patch to a file. If you provide an incorrect ROM orpatch, any errors that may occur are not the fault of ROMPatcher.
Q: There is no file extension!
A: If you cannot rename a file, you probably shouldn't be usingthis app
Q: My ROM/patch wont show up
A: Ensure you know where the files actually are. Also, make surethe patch file extension matches one of the ones listed above andyou are not trying to patch a patch file.

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