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Battle Fleet 2 v1.41 Apk Download

Requirements: 4.0.3 and up Overview: "Battle Fleet 2 stacks up very nicely." 8/10 - Pocket Gamer Battle Fleet 2 apk free for android, Battle Fleet 2 mod apk, Battle Fleet 2 cheats unlocked hack obb, Battle Fleet 2 torrents , Battle Fleet 2 unlimited, Battle Fleet 2 apk+data Apk Download
Feature List
- Build your fleet from 7 different ship classes each with different hardpoint locations for mounting different weapons, different mobility, and different hit locations.
- Use small caliber guns to pinpoint your shot and switch to devastating salvo mode, forcing all available guns to fire at the same location.
- Equip your ships with a wide variety of weapons including AA guns, torpedoes, and different caliber naval artillery.
- Utilize or neutralize bombers and recon planes launched from island bases, aircraft carriers, or cruisers.
- Assign captains to each ship to determine the ship's turn order
- Play the Pacific or Atlantic strategic campaign modes, random skirmish mode, full cross platform multiplayer, or even hotseat multiplayer.
- Use recon to clear Fog of War and defeat enemy ground based airfields and coastal artillery.
- Deploy Strategic Command Cards to surprise your enemies with special actions like deploying mines, sabotage, enhanced aiming, airstrikes and more!
- Battle Fleet 2 features full 3D models of US and Japanese WW2 era ships.

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Battle Fleet 2 Download apk
Battle Fleet 2 Download apk
Battle Fleet 2 Download apk

Path to cache: sdcard/Android/obb/
Battle Fleet 2 Download Data
Battle Fleet 2 Download Data
Battle Fleet 2 Download Data

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